Pom Pom Flower Tutorial

Posted by: Jenny Barnes 3 years, 3 months ago Comments

Another super simple gift wrapping floral embellishment, which is a great one for using second hand tissue paper as if doesn't matter how wrinkled and scrappy it is.

For the wrapping paper I used an elegant recycled silk paper in white:

For the tissue paper flower you will need a handful of rectangular pieces of tissue. The more pieces you use the thicker the petals will appear. For this flower I cut 8 sheets in pink.

You will also need a small piece of string to use as a tie and a contrast colour of tissue paper if you want to create a different coloured centre.

To give you an idea of scale, the tissue I cut hung over about an inch on each side of the present. This allowed the end result to cover the entire width of the gift.

To create the white centre of the flower I added 2 additional pieces of tissue to the stack. These can be smaller in size.

The 2 white pieces need to be folded first. Fold over the narrow end of the pieces of tissue. 

Turn over the paper and fold it over again creating an accordion folding effect. 

Continue to do this until the entire length of paper is folded as per the below.

To create rounded petals, cut the ends of the folded paper in to a circular shape rather than the hard edged corners.

Unfold the paper and place it back on the main stack. 

Start the folding process again with all the papers. Separating out the process for the white pieces simply allows the white centre to be smaller than the rest of the flower. You don't need to go to this trouble if you are happy for all the petals to be the same size.

Continue folding for the entire length of the paper.

Once you have finished, fold the length in half to find the centre.

Tie the centre using a piece of string to keep it all together.

Round the corners of the pink sheets as you did for the white.

Spread out each side facing the white to the top.

Separate the first piece of tissue paper from the rest and pull it away until you reach the centre string. 

You will need to be delicate for this part so not to rip the paper.

Repeat this again with the second piece of tissue.

Continue until all the pieces have been separated then flip it over so you can do the same on the opposite side.

Repeat the process on the other half of the flower.

Whalah, you have a gorgeous pompom tissue paper flower!

Hmmm it still needs something.

Pink eco-ribbon!


Some examples from others:

To make the cute jagged petal flower on top, you simply cut a U shape in to each end rather than a round shape.

from Martha Stewart

from bhldn